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Employers who offer digital family wellness can alleviate a pain point for employees families. This increases employee productivity during work hours which is critical to the success of your business.

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through awareness, understanding and applying the research, help your employees create healthy family media habits with Protett's seminars and workshops

Employers who offer wellness programs that focus on helping employees manage screen-time/media and its effects on their kids alleviate a pain point for employees and their families. With these programs, insurers help their members reduce immediate care and counseling visits.

We have developed a seminar and workshop to help member families manage media use and the negative effects on their kids. This will reduce the number of medical, counseling and emergency room visits, which will mitigate stress for parents & employers as it increases their productivity during work hours. Its a win for the employers and employees and their families.

With a digital family wellness program, your employees will not be distracted by their family's digital health concerns. Your employees will know you care about them because you are offering a program this is relevant in their life.

Digital Family Wellness Solutions promote healthy behavior change and more focused employees

Our wellness seminars and solutions have everything your employees need to change their family's digital habits with positive behavioral changes that can easily be maintained. Employees, who know their family use media in a thoughtful and balanced manner, feel more confident about their family's overall health. This means they have a fresh mind, more energy and will function and perform better in the workforce, resulting in higher performing employees within your organization.

As a Leader in your organization you will create the change your employees need to succeed by :

  • Gaining awareness on the latest research on digital family health and how it's impacting your employees well-being.
  • Learning how to reduce health care costs for employees family plans.
  • Get actionable tools that employee families can use and apply to create a healthy relationship with technology.
  • Understand how you can launch Protett's digital family seminars and workshops into your organization.
  • Explain the benefits of digital family health to your CEO and thought leaders in your organization.

How you can be relevant to your workforce: Today's workforce is not always engaged in their work and not all material perks add up to make for happier employees. Employers need to understand that media habits of their employee families that displace important activities such as outdoor-play, exercise, unplugged time, quality sleep, face-to-face time with family and friends.

Employees who know their family's use of media is balanced feel less stress and lower burn-out while they are at work. Balancing technology use outside of work through their family allows employees to refill their emotional, social and mental health banks. Children, who have positive human interactions and strong well-being over the long term, will be healthy individuals, have healthy families of their own which is crucial to building a productive workforce that is stable, reliable and dependable.

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