About Our Business

Protett is on a mission to change the lives of your employees digital family health. We are passionate about helping employers offer digital family wellness services to their employees families because it’s personal and more relevant to their lives.

About our Business

We strongly believe that there is a place for technology as it truly improves peoples lives. At the same time we as parents, need to manage exposure even for ourselves. This is new for all of us and the dangers in the headlines today are not the only things we need to worry about. We're only beginning to understand the long term effects of emerging technologies.

Protett, LLC started with some ideas around data protection and cyber security. In the past few years, we had been spending a great deal of time managing our kids exposure to electronics and at the same time keep them happy. Resources and research is somewhat fragmented, and we found that other parents have similar issues.

The size of the problem did not become clear until 2017. This is a very large problem, its a problem that affects all families, lower income families disproportionately so. As the price of electronics falls, those families will have a harder time managing their children's access.

Today we're starting with research, techniques and experiences and we'll go from there finding a way to monetize what we're building.

As the pace of modern living and technology use becomes more intense for our children, families urgently need help finding the right resources to live in this digital age. Protett is creating programs to help families improve their health and mental wellbeing by offering tools, knowledge and developing repeatable methods to help families balance online and offline activities. We are committed to helping families raise children who thrive with the media they watch, play-on, read, create, learn and spend time on everyday.

Heather Cini - Founder, CEO

Heather is the Founder and CEO, lead educator, and expert in children's digital health & wellbeing for families. She has a deep understanding of the science and research on digital health and is setting the vision, and will make our seminars, workshops, products useful and a good experience for everyone.

Heather Cini earned a Bachelors of Arts in Design and Masters in Educational Psychology from Rhode Island College. Before Protett she worked in various roles as a designer and UX engineer on both customer facing websites and internal applications. She launched a number of successful new business initiatives throughout finance and small business industries. Heather's vast experience, the most important of which is being a dedicated mother.

For Protett, Heather is a leading educator and expert in children’s digital media use. She specializes in curating the latest media research and translates it into practical information for parents who want to make the right decisions and have a peace of mind about parenting in this digital age.

Outside of work, Heather enjoys cooking and spending time with her family.