Digital Family Wellness

Each employee family's digital health and goals are unique. Some need support to manage screen time, while others need help navigating the educational benefits of technology while minimizing its negative aspects on their children. This includes preventing social media drama, developmental delays, declining academic performance, violence and privacy protection. Protett's solutions supports parents, across the spectrum of digital family health.

Protett - solutions fit every employee's digital family wellness needs to create healthy habits for the whole family

Protett's mission is to help your employees and their families live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. We believe technology should enhance and improve children's lives, but they should not be bound to it. We're committed to giving your employees the tools they need to develop a better and healthier digital life for their children.

Why Invest in Digital Wellness?

When your employees families use media in excess their life can get out of balance. Employees look forward to spending time with family and friends when they are not at work, but if everyone in their family is staring at a screen they can not reap the benefits of this necessary break. Too much screen time can interfere with family dynamics, social skills and displace outside play and exercise. Our seminar shows parents how and why they should put electronic devices away so they can find new and interesting things to talk about and strengthen their family bonds during their time together.

Inspire Change

PROTETT digital family Wellness programs will inspire important behavior changes that make for healthier employees and their families.

Why technology is such a challenge for parents

Today's parents are the first to deal with raising a high-tech generation of kids. Employees with a family, need help navigating this new landscape. Your employees are parents who stress about their children's online safety, social media usage, age appropriate content, video games and excess media use. Just like the technologies, the risks evolve very quickly.

It has never been easy to raise children, as they saying goes ... it takes a village to raise a child.

The outcome of a parent's loss of grip on technology can start with behavioral and developmental challenges and can escalate quickly. This can lead to an increase in employee family leave, lower productivity and higher medical plan costs.

At PROTETT we stay on-top of these trends, provide insight, spotlight watch-for signals and give applicable intervention techniques to your employees to ease this new burden. This results in healthier families, lowering health care costs for your organization.

Improve Employee Performance

Employees can easily be distracted by family issues. Digital Wellness is an area that you can give your employees tools to help them prevent and mange these emerging stresses.

Learn how our workplace seminars and programs can help reduce stress for your employees

Giving your employees a reference point and tools will eliminate the stress of starting from nowhere. Knowing where they stand with the latest research will help them make good decisions for their family.

When Employee's digital family wellness is out of balance it can add stress, here's how you can help

Employee stress is caused by both personal and professional situations.

Digital health is one of the top stressors for working parents. They are concerned with their children's habits or behaviors and worry about mental health and safety regarding digital media use.

Simply by educating your employees on these subjects, they will be armed with strategies so they can intervene early and have something to build upon.

Community Outreach

Screenlives is our community outreach. In communities we promote healthy living for children and teenagers by discussing, researching and finding a responsible amount of screen time and helping them explore the world outside of electronic devices. We offer creative ways for kids to balance their screen time, while helping families reduce the time and reliance of digital devices for constant entertainment and communication.