Protett delivers seminars to help families, with children under 20 years old. Our goal is to make employees healthier through their family wellness which lowers healthcare costs for employer sponsored health care plans.

Our approach is to focus on balancing the risks of technology overuse with appropriate usage and educational benefits. Our content is current in digital health. The content we provide can be easily adopted by employees who attend our seminars.

Our seminars are fun, engaging and enlightening. We receive overwhelming positive feedback from clients as they discover new ways to approach technology with their children.

What do employees take away from the seminar? At the end of the seminar employees gain insight, a spotlight on watch-for signals and applicable intervention techniques for their families that prompts them to make changes towards high quality media choices. The primary goal is to have employees adjust media choices for their children's overall health and wellness.

Seminar Includes: Each seminar is 60 -90 minutes, times are flexible and includes illustrated online handouts. The materials include easy-to-follow instructions on the following topics:

  • Parent Guide - this guide gives parents a basic over view on how and why they should manage the media in their family's lives.
  • Cellphone Parent guide - this guide helps employees and it's members evaluate the pro's and con's of purchasing a cellphone for their child and offers age appropriate alternatives to smartphones.
  • Parent Agreement - our family device/media agreement forms are a great way to help parents set realistic and meaningful expectations for your family's tech use. Parents that use media agreements feel more in control over the content and time their kids spend on devices. Having a media contract with your child establishes healthy boundaries for kids to follow that ultimately holds them accountable for what they are doing on it, for how long they spend on it, when and where they use technology.
  • Parent Guide to Video Games - this guide offers the latest trends and techniques on how to limit, monitor and instill healthy video game use for your child.

Reasons why Digital Wellness program makes sense for your company

Protett's goals are to help companies be successful, reduce overall health care costs and produce a stable workforce. Your business success depends on the performance of your employees and being able to perform at a high level employees need to be well. Benefits and savings to healthcare can be seen by decreased sick or family medical leave and lower insurance premiums.

Favorable benefits to a digital wellness program are listed as follows:

  • Reduce family leave related to taking family members to mental health care visits during work hours
  • Reduce medical and emergency room visits for employee's children
  • Improve worker engagement, employee morale, and mindfulness
  • Increase workplace productivity, reduce employee turnover
  • Create stable and reliable workforce

Caring about your employees digital family wellbeing creates healthy employees and creates a positive work culture.

A win win.