About Our Founders.

Heather And Frank Cini
 are working together to find ways to keep their kids safe online and share their experiences and expertise with other parents.

Heather Cini has a bachelors in Design and Masters in Education Psychology.  She has worked in various roles as a designer to UX engineer on both customer facing websites and internal applications.   Heather's vast experience, the most important of which is being a dedicated mother of two, she constantly strives to give her children enriching activities.

Frank Cini has a bachelors in Computer Science and has worked in various technical roles such as network security consulting and most recently as a technical lead for a global service provider.  Frank's engineering background, especially in the areas of operating system and network security means that his kids get away with nothing on their devices.

With Heather's design and psychology background and Frank's security engineering ... their kids are kept off electronics and they are somewhat happy about it.

About our Business.
We strongly believe that there is a place for technology as it truly improves peoples lives.  At the same time we as parents,  need to manage exposure even for ourselves.  This is new for all of us and the dangers in the headlines today are not the only things we need to worry about.  We're only beginning to understand the long term effects of emerging technologies.

Protett, LLC started with some ideas around data protection and cyber security.  In the past few years, we had been spending a great deal of time managing our kids exposure to electronics and at the same time keep them happy. Resources and research is somewhat fragmented, and we found that other parents have similar issues.

The size of the problem did not become clear until 2017. This is a very large problem, its a problem that affects all families, lower income families disproportionately so.  As the price of electronics falls, those families will have a harder time managing their children's access.

Today we're starting with research, techniques and experiences and we'll go from there finding a way to monetize what we're building.

About our Organization.

Heather is the CEO, leading marketing, design and UX.   She has a deep understanding of the science and is setting the vision, and will make our products useful and a good experience for everyone.

Frank is the COO/CTO.  He brings the technical expertise and will run business operations.